Easysnap solution is perfect for various cosmetics and food testers/samples as well as for retail sales.

  • It’s never been so easy!
  • simple – one hand opening
  • just snap and squeeze
  • saves space – lower transport and storing cost
  • cost-saving – less filling is needed
  • great for travelling
  • unique look that stands out
  • controlled flow

[clear] How does it work?

Easysnap solution is a safe and pleasant way to package your product. Easysnap helps to avoid unpleasant splash-out, dirty hands, biting or tearing to get sachet opened – all these frequent unpleasant episodes in our everyday life.

Easysnap – just fold the sachet together with two-three fingers (depending on size of sachet), the film in the centre will break under pressure and the product can flow out the sachet without any mess.

Success lies in details!

Choosing Easysnap for your cosmetic or food samples or as resale package, makes your customers enjoy the new innovative way of using a tester and brought products. The controlled and easy opening of the sachet will leave the customer pleased and satisfied with your product even more. In case of food, it is easy and confortable to take small portions with you wherever clients go.

Is it safe for cosmetic and food products?

Easysnap sachets are airproof. In this way your product will keep its great qualities in ideal conditions. You can choose the sachet size yourself from 1.5 to 30 ml.

Use this new and unique way of packaging for cosmetics, haircare products, pharmaceuticals and OTC medicines, lotions and sunscreens, scent products, sports supplements and more.

It is also safe solution for various food products – dressings, oils, vinegars, jams, honey, syrops etc.

And don’t you worry about the Easysnap safety – the sachet breaks only if folded over 90 degrees, so it’s perfectly safe to carry it in your purse or pocket.